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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm thankful for....
family, friends, health, food, job, nature, community, memories, Earth, animals, Art, Music, teachers...

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Adverbs of Frequency

  • I always have corn flakes for breakfast.
    Siempre como copos de maíz para el desayuno.
  • They usually spend the summer in the mountains.
    Ellos por lo general pasan el verano en las montañas.
  • We frequently water our garden when it's hot.
    Con frecuencia regamos nuestro jardín cuando está caluroso.
  • You often have lunch at Peter's, don't you?
    ¿Usted a menudo come  en el restaurante de Peter, verdad?
  • Ben sometimes goes to the theater.
    Ben a veces va al teatro.
  • Janet occasionally visits her parents.
    Janet de vez en cuando visita a sus padres.
  • Mrs. Hills rarely leaves home after 10:00 p.m.
    La Sra. Hills raramente se marcha de su casa después de las 22hs.
  • Mr. Robins seldom drives at night.
    El Sr. Robins rara vez conduce por la noche.
  • Oliver hardly ever buys new clothes.
    Oliver casi nunca compra la nueva ropa.
  • They never go hiking.
    Ellos nunca van de excursión.

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Time and Date!cities=197
What's the time in Fukuoka (Japan)?
What time is it in Chicago (USA)?
What time is is in Birmingham (UK)?
What's the time in Montreal (Canada)?
What's the time in Christchurch (New Zealand)?
What time is it in Bamako (Mali)?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Brushy One String

A guitar has six strings but this man is playing a one-string guitar.
He says: "I am what I am...Exclusive."

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Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the US. Look at this video!

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Year 5: Last day of English

Remembering Goldilocks. All of you are very good actors and actresses!


Last day4 from marga pons on Vimeo.

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Water Landing

Amerizaje: Amaratge: Water Landing.

The Hudson River is in New York.
In 2009, all of the 155 passengers  and crew were rescued from a plane that crash landed in the Hudson River.

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Leaf of the Maple Tree

Arce: Auró: Maple

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Fort Marlborough

Fort Marlborough was built between 1710 and 1726.
Named after Sir John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, he was one of the most outstanding British generals during that time period.
In 1726, when construction was finished, the fort was considered to be a model of modern engineering, thanks to its semi-submerged construction and single entry via tunnel. 
Its mission was to protect the southern flank of the Saint Philip's Castle which in turn had to defend the Port of Maó. The fort's central square is a large pit excavated out of the stone and very well hidden as it is below ground level. The entrance is a tunnel that opens out to the southern shore of  cala sant Esteve.


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Spelling Game

Printing and Stamping

A New Exhibition in Xibau

Last Thursday students of Year 5A visited Xibau Gallery. There we  saw some pictures  by Toni Cladera, a well-known photographer from Mallorca (He lives in Ciutadella now).

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Happy from Minorca

Which activities can you see in this video?
Which beaches can you see?
There are some people from Ferreries. Do you know them?

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Lezardo says : "I don't want to hurt you"

"I don't want to hurt you- No et vull fer mal", és el que li diu en Lezardo a na Rosie quan l'enxampa seguint les passes de na Julia Yardley quan entrava a l'hotel de Venècia.
Just he escoltat aquesta frase m'ha vingut al cap una cançó de John Lennon que versa sobre la gelosia, el mal que es pot fer a una altra persona pel fet de ser gelós.
La cançó es titula "Jealous Guy" i aquí la teniu en la versió de Lennon i en la de Roxie Music.
A la cançó hi sentim aquestes frases: "I didn't mean to hurt you", "I didn't want to hurt you" (No et volia fer mal).
En el vídeo de Lennon hi ha un error d'ortografia, hi hauria d'haver escrita la paraula lose i no loose (To lose- lost - lost "perdre").

"Do you really want to hurt me? - Realment em vols fer mal?" és una antiga cançó del grup britànic Culture Club. Na Cristina Aguilera, la cantant americana canta la cançó Hurt i a la seva lletra hi sentim "I've hurt myself -M'he fet mal a mi mateixa".

Fort Marlborough

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Incredible Sculptures

Vegetables Printing/Stamping


Last week we saw different vegetables and fruits: cabbage, cauliflower, artichoke, red cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, kiwi... We saw fractals.

Fractals may be exactly the same at every scale; they may be nearly the same at different scales.

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Pancake Day-Shrove Tuesday-Mardi Gras-Darrer Dimarts

Surf the following website to learn more about Pancake Day. Then answer
the questions below:

  1.  What is another name for Pancake Day?
  2.  When does Pancake Day fall this year?
  3.  What ingredients do you need to make a pancake?
  4.  What is Pancake Day called in France and in some parts of the USA?
  5.  Where is the most famous pancake race?
  6.  How big was the biggest pancake cooked in the world?

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