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Welsh wooden spoons for Valentine's Day

In Wales, wooden love spoons were given as gifts on February 14th. Why not help the children decorate a love spoon which they can then give as a gift to a friend?

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Vocabulary: Clothes

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Turn right at...

Treasure map1

Word List

Asking for and Giving Directions

How do I get to …?
What's the best way to …?
Where is …?
Go straight on (until you come to …).
Turn back./Go back.
Turn left/right (into …-street).
Go along …
Cross …
Take the first/second road on the left/right
It's on the left/right.
straight on
next to
at the end (of)
on/at the corner
in front of
(just) around the corner
traffic lights
crossroads, junction

Treasure map

Prepositions and directions

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Travel and Sightseeing: Directions Through Town (3)

Travel and Sightseeing: Directions Through Town (3)

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A big hug

Here's a big hug for you, Martin.