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Our Digital Story

Let's start creating a Digital Story!


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When I was rap, rap, rap...

Click here and add a line to the poem (one line - one student). Take into account the lines written before. Remember to write your name at the beginning and insert an image from Google Images (clip art) or an audio file. You can use this website to record your voice.

Lets start.

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Rhyming is so easy!

Last week we started writing a poem about spring. 

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February Songs

All you need is LOVE: "Tot el que necessites és ESTIMAR."

I'm only HUMAN, I do what I can: "Només sóc HUMÀ, faig el que puc."
I'm just a man, I do what I can: "Només sóc un home, faig el que puc."
Don't put the blame on me: "No em donis sa culpa."

When you're weary: "Quan estàs cansat."
You can CALL ON ME: "Pots comptar amb mi."