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Baby Looney Tunes' Halloween

Caillou's Halloween



costume=vestit, disfressa

bumble bee="abejorro"



furry suit=vestit pelut

it's just me!=sóc jo!


you look like...=te sembles...


dress up=disfressar-se


it's time for bed=és hora d'anar al llit

days went by=els dies passaven

halloween came=halloween va arribar



scary=que fa por


Jack-o'-Lantern=carabassa llanterna

Thursday, 20 October 2011

How do you SPELL...?

Practice your spelling with this video.

Personal information2

1. What's your name? (Què ets de nom?)
2. How old are you? (Quants anys tens?)
3. What's your telephone number? (Quin és el teu nombre de telèfon?)
4. What's your favourite colour? (Quin és el teu color preferit?)

1. My name's Jennifer.
2. I'm 15 years old.
3. My telephone number is 971 37 35 41.
4. My favourite colour is red.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Personal Information

  • Listen and learn the four questions.

    1. When's your birthday? (Quan fas els anys?)
    2. Where are you from? (D'on ets, de quin país?)
    3. Where do you live? (On vius?)
    4. What's your address? (Quina és sa teva adreça?)

  • Listen and learn the four answers.

    1. My birthday's in July. (Faig els anys pel juliol.)
    2. I'm from Spain. (Sóc d'Espanya.)
    3. I live in Ferreries. (Visc a Ferreries.)
    4. My address is 21, New Street. (La meva adreça es: carrer Nou, 21.)

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Clica a l'enllaç anterior i fes la fitxa d'activitats.

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The castles of Wales
Castles in Wales were mainly built by the English to control the Welsh.


Caerphilly castle dates from the 13th century. It was the first concentric castle in Britain (defensive walls surrounded by defensive walls) and is considered one of the greatest medieval castles in the world.


Caernarfon castle (13th century) was built with an unusual number of towers. In 1969, Caernarfon served as the location for the investiture of Charles, Prince of Wales.

Castle Conwy was sited to overlook the River Conwy and control its traffic both for supply and defensive purposes.


Harlech Castle is one of the great castles Edward I built to enforce his rule over the Welsh. Situated high upon a rocky outcrop, its seaward side was defended by sheer cliffs, while a deep moat protected the other sides. It was designed by Master James of St George, who personally supervised its construction, ensuring that the vast fortress was completed in just seven years (1283-1290).


Beaumaris Castle on the Island of Anglesey is the great unfinished masterpiece. It was built by the English monarch Edward I, to stamp his authority on the Welsh. But it was never finished money and supplies ran out before the fortifications reached their full height. Begun in 1295, it was also the last.

El poble de Gal·les amb el nom més llarg és...

Wales webquest

La pregunta 1 i la pregunta 10 s'han de cercar a aquests enllaços capital of Wales i population of Wales.
La pregunta 6 no s'ha de contestar.

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Surfing in Cornwall

Top 10 places to visit in Australia

Find these 10 places in a map of Australia.

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Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

Sailing, snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, diving, hiking, playing golf...these are some of the activities you can watch in this video.